STR🦁NG! Grip shirt!
STR🦁NG! Grip shirt!
STR🦁NG! Grip shirt!
STR🦁NG! Grip shirt!
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Introducing the Heart & Soul Strongman Grip Shirt, the ultimate choice for those seeking maximum grip on any implement. Crafted with precision and designed with strength in mind, this shirt is your key to destroying any strongman competition or training session.

Key Features:

  1. Superior Grip: Our grip shirt is engineered with specialized materials that enhance your grasp on a wide range of implements, from atlas stones to yoke carries, giving you the confidence to lift heavy with ease.

  2. Durability: Built to withstand the toughest workouts, this shirt is made to last made with a cotton/spandex blend. The reinforced stitching ensures it can handle the rigors of strongman training, making it a reliable choice for athletes of all levels.

  3. Comfortable Fit: We understand the importance of comfort during intense workouts.
    The Heart & Soul Strongman Grip Shirt offers a snug yet flexible fit, allowing for a full range of motion without compromising on grip.

  4. Versatile Design: Whether you're a seasoned strongman competitor or just starting out, this shirt is designed to accommodate various exercises and training styles with a full front grip panel and a half grip panel on the back. It's an essential addition to your strongman arsenal.

  5. Sexy look: Not only does it perform, but it also looks great. The Heart & Soul Strongman Grip Shirt features a full front grip panel with our icon design with an eye catching bright blue/pink combo that will make you stand out at the gym or on the competition platform! 

Get ready to conquer your strongman goals with the Heart & Soul Strongman Grip Shirt. Elevate your grip strength and dominate every lift. Order yours today and take your training to the next level!

 Unisex sizing, size down for tighter fit.

(Hand wash, and air dry!)

Get ready to haunt the gym this Halloween season as a part of the Heart & Soul Strong BOOO-TY crew!
Difficult roads lead to beautiful destinations.
Your dream come true is just a multitude of small, attainable goals achieved one after the other over a period of time.

Heart and Soul Strong Athlete
Jessica Mitchell

Heart & Soul Strong Athlete

Cassandra Moore


It's all HEART!

In life you will fail, you will suffer setbacks, you will have doubters, and naysayers. When life knocks you on your ass, will you have the heart to get back up and push back? It's not luck, every time you win or lose, it's heart.

♥️ ALWAYS wins!

So, how bad do you want it? 

How big is your heart?

Inside of me lives the heart of a warrior, and a warrior will stop at nothing to make progress, to overcome, to breakthrough! Maybe not immediately, but absolutely, and definitely you will breakthrough. Only you know your courage, and only you know how big your heart is.

You can't make a difference until you make a decision, so make the hard decision to grow through it. 

Harness your will, you're the one in control. You will be stronger, and better because of it. At some point we all have to draw a line in the sand, and declare what it is you stand for.

For your dreams, your goals..

For your mind, body, Heart, and Soul.

Destroy the doubt

Heart & Soul Strong is here to support & encourage you to sharpen your mind, strengthen your heart, and reinforce your soul.

This is how you redifine your limits, and continue to break through barriers.

THIS is how you Destroy The Doubt!



Love the shorts. Having a big butt usually means the waist doesn't fit and are too loose. these shorts are form fitting but stretchy to even get through strongman training and don't ride up. Impulse buy and i don't regret a thing. I'll be getting more in the summer!

Nadia S.

I gotta say the barely there shorts are my favorite pair of shorts now 👍 I like the two tone ( grey and black) color along with the logo, makes them pop.

The shorts are super soft and real comfortable, and they are the perfect length. My other shorts are below the knee so they catch sometimes when squatting/deadlifts, these are a bit above the knee for me so never catches. 👍

The thing I'm really In love with are the zippers for pockets. Nothing falls out of my pockets anymore, and that would happen alot with my other shorts!!!

All in all these are def top notch shorts, and i love em. I'll be replacing some of my older shorts with some more of these soon!! thanks!


I’ve been a part of the Heart & Soul community for almost 3 years and to say it’s life changing is an understatement. I’ve been able to connect with many like-minded people who have a passion for what they do, not only physically, but mentally as well. It’s amazing to have people in your corner who you can count on for support and encouragement no matter what goal or challenge you’re trying to conquer.

The clothing and product lines are an extension of that. Not only are they purposeful with their messaging, but they’re excellent quality and great to use inside and outside of the gym. I use leggings and tank tops weekly for my workouts. They’ve held up really well over the years! I wear the crop tops out on walks or hikes. I also use the liquid chalk for powerlifting. From the materials used, how the pieces are designed, the quality of the prints, and smaller details like the hem tags make each piece so special and so comfortable to use.

Regina. H