Welcome to Heart & Soul Strong!

First and foremost thank you for taking the time to visit my brands website, to be honest its weird even leading off with a sentence like that but I digress..

Lets start this first blog post with a quote..

"Don’t delude yourself with the easy path. Eventually, it becomes the hard path. Take the required path. Taking the required path means surrounding yourself with the right people. 

Heart & Soul Strong was initially established through my personal training career, I wanted a creative and expressive way to reach the individuals that I was physically training; internally.. To leave a lasting impact on each and every individual, which in turn has a ripple effect on each person that they come in contact with. 

Early on in my own personal journey I dealt with a lot of internal doubt that needed to overcome, and every next level that you reach along your journey will have its next set of obstacles and doubts that need to be met and conquered. The difference is the further along you make it in your journey the more internal and external resilience you develop.. With each goal conquered you're actively adding to your tool belt to DESTROY those doubts.

Life has it's way of teaching each of us our own set of specific lessons, and I firmly believe that once we have uncovered the meaning behind our lessons learned it is on us to pass on that knowledge to our peers..

Each of us possess unique skills, attributes, and talents that have the ability to positively impact and influence others lives.. When you realize this, and begin to surround yourself with likeminded individuals there is nothing that can keep you from achieving your goals and aspirations. 

So here I am today, having started with a shirt, that led to more shirts, messages and organically growing it little by little nurturing it into something that has developed into a brand that I care about deeply... 
The Heart & Soul Strong community is an extension of myself, and what I would like to see more of in the world. I am always actively seeking out more of these types of individuals, the more connected we are the stronger we become! 
Stay strong, and destroy the doubt!