Figure 8 straps

Figure 8 straps

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The Destroy The Doubt Figure 8 Lifting Straps are built to last, durable made with a heavy duty cotton canvas material with industrial strength stitching.
 Whether you need them for strongman, powerlifting, bodybuilding, cross-training, or any other power sport, our Figure 8 Straps are made for you. 

Figure 8 Straps can be used on a deadlift bar, barbell, axle bars, or a farmer’s carry bars, giving you better grip strength and control. The thick cotton strength design lines these straps with the most durable strongman and powerlifting Figure 8 Straps out there. 

(For sizing)

Measure directly around your wrist, if you’re going to use with a barbell go with the closest size to your wrist measurement.
If your an axel size up! 😁

SMALL - up to 6.9”
MEDIUM - up to 7.5”
LARGE - up to 8.1”

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